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czech glass

Czech glass beads

I stopped selling beads a couple of years ago and I would have thought by now my stash would be long gone.   But instead of my collection diminishing it has grown …

I have continued to indulge.

At night I shop online

click click while himself snores…

ooops! my basket is full

a few days later the beauties


through the letterbox

like magic.

Sparkling and glistening in a little bundle of crisp bubble wrap.

Of late I have been indulging in lampwork beads. Lampworking is a whole new world.  A combination of glass making skills and creative design.  Some of these beads are like tiny little monuments.  Each one handmade and designed by some devotee to the glass heavens.

lampwork beads

lampwork beads

Lampwork beads are a secret passion.  Not a lot of people get it … ‘I bought some lampwork beads’  you might say to your friend , who may even be a beader,  and the response is always indifferent.  Some bead hoarders are not too bothered with the quality or the source, as long as they shine or sparkle and are the right size that will do for them.

Nothing will ‘just do’ for me.


This is what Addiebeads has been built on. Quality, beauty and handmade.

With my bead stash growing and an ever increasing collection of small mosaic tiles I have decided to take on a project. I have this very large wooden ADDIEBEADS  ‘sign’ which I am going to mosaic using beads and tiles.  It comes in two parts, each part measuring about 4ft long and when its finished and joined together I really don’t know where I will put it!!  This sign was ordered in error.  Between myself and the company involved at the time I think we got our cms and mms mixed up!  You will see from the painted smaller sign what I was actually looking for at the time….




I am thinking a mixture of lots of colourful tiles and glistening glass beads!  All my tiles have either a pearlesque, iridescent or glitter finish so my vision for the finished piece is something that almost glows in the dark! There will be no swirls or circles or the usual mosaic shapes (which I normally love).  This will have more of an abstract tapestry feel.  No patterns within patterns …. just everything there but in an ordered way …. the beauty of mosaic is that you can use whatever materials you want and do whatever pattern or design you want.  It can be a total indulgence of everything that you love about colour and shape.

As the piece is the name of my business I guess if nothing else it has to feature colour (lots of teal and gold) and lots of earthy shiny glass.

So I will be using a selection of these ….

czech glass beads

czech glass beads

and these …



and lots and lots of these ….


mosaic tiles

The only problem I can envisage for this project is finding the time!!  Please check back for regular updates!

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