Rings for summer – mosaic jewellery design challenge

  Mary   May 26, 2017   News   4 Comments
recycled glass rings

recycled glass rings

So in keeping with the design challenge for May I am continuing with my ring buzz!  I think rings that are full of colour and sparkle could possibly be the only piece of jewellery you will need for the summer!  Are you heading off to a few festivals?  Do you have a wedding to go to?  Or are you planning a holiday in the sun?  If so you may need a ring and I may just have what you are looking for!  The great thing about wearing a statement ring is that the ring is all you need.  I love the summer not just for the warmer weather and blue skies but what I wear and how that makes me feel is so different from the other seasons.  Wearing brighter colours, painting my toe nails and filling those piercings in my ears with lots of little studs all become part of my summer. Not forgetting those long dresses,  floaty cardigans, wedgey sandals and then, always a nice big chunk of armour on one of my fingers!!  Yes I am a self confessed ring junkie!  The obsession goes way back to my childhood and being in total awe of a beautiful older cousin and her jaw dropping, larger than life rocks she wore not only as rings but dangling from every limb.  The first piece of jewellery I bought as a teenager was an ivory coloured band.  It was some sort of resin or hard plastic.  It was chunky and I loved it.   Although in my early twenties in this pic I was still wearing that ring!   I have just recently purchased a mould to try and recreate that first ring ….

Mary Drea

But for now I am using hematite, recycled glass ‘blobs’  and recycled glass glitter.  These elements will be the basis for a new collection of rings which are now available in my shop and I will be adding to them over the next few weeks.   So what are glass blobs?  These are lumps or spheres of glass that are used mainly in mosaics. They are flat on one side with a nice dome on the top side. You might often see them at the centre of a flower design or any small pattern that needs a focal accent at the centre.  I have had these for a long time and thought I could put them to a different use! 
recycled glass for rings

glass drops 

For this gold glitter ring I used a clear glass blob.  Rather than pouring resin over these rings I decided to fill the bezel first with a small amount of resin and then I placed a row of hematite bugle beads into the resin.  In bead land we call this tubular shape a bugle!  I sprinkled gold glitter (made from glass) into the centre of the ring and placed the clear glass blob onto the glitter. The glass slightly magnifies the glitter and it really looks spectacular!!  It is a lovely ring to look in to.  
gold glitter ring

gold glass glitter ring

Still using the blobs and the glitter, for this ring I have chosen a beautiful oval hematite bead.  This is particularly glorious because it is faceted and has a beautiful rainbow finish.  This is the ‘take the eye outta yer head’ ring …. should I give it that name???!!  As with any stone,  bead or piece of glass that is faceted the sparkle and flash of light reflection is intense.
rainbow recycled glass ring

rainbow hematite ring

Seeing as we are celebrating green this year with Pantone announcing it as their colour for 2017 I decided to add a green to the collection.  I made one of these last year and it sold within seconds of going on Facebook!!  I have used an apple shade of green, one of those granny smith apples, with a green hematite (super metallic sheen) all the way around the edge.  This is also available in gold and there is a pink version too.  All available on my site.
glossy green ring

glossy green ring

And just for those of you who might like something a bit calmer and classic but perfectly summery, I have made this really beautiful and delicate square pearl ring.  These tiny little natural pearls are a gentle grey colour with a very slight hint of lavender.  I have had these little pearls in my gemstone stash for quite some time and I am loving this ring!  Believe it or not square rings can be very flattering on the hand.  They give a nice balance to most hand shapes and are a lovely alternative to the round shapes.  Give it a go!
Pearl ring

Square pearl ring

In an effort to do it all a bit differently, I decided to sit the various components INTO resin as opposed to pouring resin over the various beads and glitter.  This way the resin acts as a very strong adhesive.  These beads or pearls are not going anywhere.   This allows the rings to be a more tactile experience.  You can touch and feel the glass drops and the little hematite beads.  The pearls too are nice to touch!  This is in essence true mosaic.  Earthy, tactile and colourful.
All rings featured in this post are available in  my shop.  Feel free to contact me anytime here with any queries or special requests for jewellery.  If you would like to be kept up to date with new products and all future news, including future workshops and tutorials, please sign up to my newsletter here.




  1. Mary Says: June 4, 2017 7:52 am

    Aw thanks Tara! I’m just missing the beret… laughing here at #lovethechunk

  2. Tara Prendergast Says: June 3, 2017 1:58 pm

    LOVE this Mary. You look very beatnik in your photo! Gorgeous but sure nothing has changed there! It is lovely too to see your rings on a hand: they look very cool and chunky! Love the chunk x

  3. Mary Says: May 26, 2017 10:32 pm

    thanks Aiveen! a lifetime ago …. 🙂

  4. Aiveen Says: May 26, 2017 9:30 pm

    Love that photo Mary!

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