Chain bracelet tutorial

This chain bracelet is one my favourite designs. I make this bracelet a lot varying it with different types of beads and colour combinations. It is easy to wear and is perfect worn solo or layered together with 3 or 4 other bracelets. I have used 12mm pink foil beads. These beads will be in stock in early February in lots of different colours. At the end of the tutorial I have included a few pics of variations of this bracelet. It is a versatile design and you can use ANY beads you fancy! These are just my choice for the tutorial.

Follow these easy steps to create your own chain bracelet.
For this tutorial you will need to know how to crimp, open and close chain links and make a basic eye loop with an eye pin.  You will need a flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and a flush cutter. The following are the beads and findings you will need –
Chain bracelet tutorial
4xlarge beads (10mm or 12mm)
2x6mm beads
4x 5mm Turbin spacers
3x6mm disc spacers2
7mm large hole spacers
2 crimps
2xeye pins (any size)
1 toggle clasp
10cm length of chain
15cm of beading wire/thread
You can use ANY beads you like but I think round beads work best.  Basically for this bracelet you will be making three separate pieces that will be linked together with chain links.
STEP 1 –  Start by crimping your thread.  You will need a 15cm length of beading thread.  Add on the large beads and disc spacers.  This is the focal piece of the bracelet.  It will look like this –
STEP 1 chain bracelet tutorial
STEP 2 – Place the smaller 6mm beads with turbin spacer either side onto silver eye pin.  You have now created a beaded connector.  You will need two of these.

bead connector

STEP 3 – Place the 7mm large hole spacer OVER the loop of thread so it is sitting next to the first bead. Make sure the loop of thread is visible.

STEP 3 chain bracelet tutorial
STEP 4 – Remove a link from the chain and using two flat nose pliers ease open the link.  Make sure not to open it too much as this can distort the shape of the link.  Place the open link through the threaded loop.  Close your link.
STEP 4 chain bracelet tutorial
STEP 5 – Take your beaded connectors made at step 2 and add them to the main focal piece, making sure that you add in another chain link so there are two chain links separating the main piece and the two small beaded connectors either side.
STEP 5 chain bracelet tutorial
STEP 6 – Finally just add four links to either end of the bracelet and attach toggle clasp to each end link.
STEP 6 chain bracelet tutorial
Pink foil chain bracelet
A FEW TIPS ! – When you are at the first step make sure when crimping to leave a loop about 3mm big.  This will ensure that you have enough of a loop left AFTER you add the large hole spacer.  This is important as you need enough space to get the chain link through this hole.  Make sure all loops are properly closed.
And now for a few variations on the same theme …
Vintage style chain bracelets
Handmade lampwork beads
2 layer chain bracelet
Vintage cloisonne chain bracelet
Have fun coming up with your own combinations of chains, beads and colours. If you feel like making this bracelet and would just like to purchase all the various pieces please contact me at and I can put together a pack for you.

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