Mosaic design challenge for May – I’m making glitter rings!

mosaic ring
  Mary   May 14, 2017   News   4 Comments
In an effort to haul my ass back into blogging I have created a mosaic jewellery design challenge for May.  So I will be designing and making a few new pieces.  The theme will be summer and my favourite colour teal.  Summer is so inspirational when it comes to designing accessories of any type.  The sunlight enhances, provokes and nutures my spirit!  Blue skies, aqua sea waters and golden beaches are just what I want to capture and wear on my wrist, my finger or hang around my neck! 
Today I am kicking off this challenge with my idea of a bit of sparkle and bling.  I’m making glitter rings.  I am using an amazing glitter product which is made from recycled glass. Unlike most glitter which is almost like dust, this glass glitter is chunkier and each piece is like a tiny shard of glass.  When piled or stacked into bezels it has a very strong faux druzy appearance. (Druzy is the sparkling crusty effect visible on some quartz gemstones).  I am also using tiny hematite with a shiny metallic finish.  Crystals and rainbow glass seed beads will all add to the general sparkly feel!  This is my sort of earthy version of bling.
I have an ocean of seed beads … literally!  Although organised in jars they seem to be everywhere!  So for this mosaic jewellery design challenge I am trying to use components and materials that I have in my overgrown stash.  In case you fancy having a go at making something similar I have listed below what I used to make the glitter ring.  
Recycled glass glitter in gold
Turquoise rainbow seed beads and tiny teal rainbow hematite cubes 
Pewter ring bezel (I’m using the large antique gold oval)
Aquamarine crystal chatons 
2 part epoxy resin
mosaic jewellery design challenge

Seed beads and glitter for mosaic glitter rings

In keeping with the mosaic theme I am using tiny beads and crystals.  The hematite cubes measure 2x2mm, the seed beads are 2/3mm round and the crystal chatons are approximately 3/4mm.  With a tweezers I placed a row of seed beads all around the edge of the oval inner rim.  Next to these I placed a row of the tiny hematite cubes. Rounds beside cubes work perfectly when using such tiny sizes.  This left a small oval in the centre into which I piled the gold glitter!   On top of this gold glitter I have plonked (literally) a few sparkling crystals!  Then I poured resin over the entire piece.  When I am using resin I have to be aware that it can darken or alter the final look and colour.  So I know this turquoise blue will become more teal when the resin has set.  Aah …. me and teal!
gold glitter ring

mosaic glitter rings

I chose gold because I’m always a gold girl.  It will always be my preference even though I wear silver too.  I chose teal and turquoise because for me this time of the year is when you get your blues on!  These colours encompass what summer is for me.  I also chose these colours because I wanted to design and make a piece that I would be happy to wear all summer long. This is a piece you will wear everyday.   
And the crystals are aquamarine …. what else?  Here is a pic of the finished product.  The resin has created a very shiny surface which made it almost impossible to photograph.  Its looking a bit blue here but in reality it is a very striking teal/turquoise shade.  
glitter ring

mosaic glitter ring

  I will be back next week with another mosaic jewellery design challenge but for now I am off to create a few more glitter rings!
If you would like to purchase the teal glitter ring you can check it out here.
glitter rings

glitter and crystal rings 

You will notice that my website is undergoing some changes at the moment so if the tech stuff is not working super quick, or my shop appears empty, please be assured that I am trying to sort it.  I will be offering resin workshops very soon and adding some mosaic products to my shop so if you are interested in either or both be sure to sign up here and I will be in touch with you as soon as my plans are ready to go. 


  1. Mary Says: May 18, 2017 1:20 pm

    Thank you! Mx

  2. Mary Says: May 18, 2017 1:18 pm

    You are welcome! And thank you for your comment and love of teal!
    Mary x

  3. Anonymous Says: May 18, 2017 8:31 am

    Great post!
    Thanks Mary love Teil too!

  4. Anonymous Says: May 14, 2017 9:10 pm

    That’s really beautiful

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