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Just as the title says IMAGE gave me a very nice little mention on Thursday!  The title of the piece being ‘Five Irish jewellery designers you need to follow‘. Their Facebook post reads

‘These Irish designers have us drooling for some new neck and arm candy”.

What a lovely suprise!  Being referred to as ‘one to follow’ is like a reward after a few years of plodding along through the noise of social media.  I never thought anyone would ever notice me or my work.  I do have a following going back to my beading days (when I was also selling supplies) but when I got into designing my own collection of jewellery it was like starting all over again. For nearly 18 months now I have been working on, designing and developing a range of mosaic jewellery.  My inspiration comes mainly from anything small, colourful and made of glass.  My life long fascination with collecting trinkets, beads, tiny ornaments and anything with a glint or sparkle has led me here.  I love to work with the tiniest czech glass beads, venetian glass cane and nano ceramics to bring together a blast of colour in the form of wearable mosaic.   Even though I have a passion for colour I actually wear quite a neutral palette.  My jewellery too would be quite classic in style, always gold or antique silver.  This is the perfect canvass for my jewellery.  I have found adding a splash of colour to either gold or silver jewellery works beautifully!  The square and circle pendants hang on the end of 24 carat gold plated chains or .999 silver plated chains.  I have purposely left it as simple as this as the pendant speaks for itself.  I am presently adding leather to a shorter length and this too is proving popular and also works well when worn with a longer necklace.

As I was coming up with the idea for a jewellery collection and figuring out who would wear it and how, I managed to create my customer in my mind.  I would visualise her, imagine her wearing it as she goes about her day.  I always imagined her buying one piece, one pendant on a long chain and layering it with her own chains and necklaces.   Her job or career was irrelevant. But her style would be relaxed, almost a boho vibe.  Then I realised I was designing for myself!!  My customer is ME!!  Is that a good thing? It is very hard to design or work on something creatively if you do not like it yourself.


For me mosaic is a gathering and collecting of glass and ceramics and the challenge is to get these tinies nicely into bezels.  I am still working on how to cut glass and ceramics into tiny pieces for a whole other collection coming soon.  Like all creatives the design process never stops.  I am always thinking of the next idea and how to put it into action.  But for now the millefiori range is selling well.


green circle pendant



floral rings


heart pendant


gold bangle

mosaic bangle with heart and sea star charms


My focus for now is to continue creating handmade, quality jewellery that will last, is timeless and above all will bring colour into your life.  My website hosts mainly the millefiori range and a small selection of the ceramic pendants and rings but if you would like to see a bigger range along with glass beaded jewellery you will find me in the CHQ building in Dublin on Fridays and most Saturdays I am in Kilruddery Farm and Craft Market in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

For anyone who would fancy making a purchase please enjoy a 10% discount on all products on the website.  Simply use the code TEN at the checkout!


millefiori bangles

bangles with handmade charms


I can be contacted at with any queries and if, like IMAGE has recommended, you would like to follow me,  you will find me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter


  1. Alia Says: July 5, 2016 10:08 am

    Well deserved recognition for a fantastic human xx

  2. Mary Says: July 4, 2016 9:58 pm

    Thank you Helena! We are mutual inspirers then, you have helped me with so much xx

  3. Helena Says: July 2, 2016 10:23 pm

    You are my inspiration I love your work

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