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Mary Drea – Addiebeads

When you click on an ABOUT section there is always the hope that you will learn something about whoever owns the website you are visiting and hopefully when you clicked this time you will get a sense of who I am and what I love to do.

Currently I am designing and creating a range of mosaic inspired jewellery.  Previous to this I had a craft supplies business (ADDIEBEADS), mainly selling jewellery making components and specialising in a niche market selling czech glass beads.  I have always had a bit of a love affair with glass.  Everything from a simple wine glass to an elaborate piece of glass art will always catch my eye.  In particular I love Czech glass, sometimes referred to as bohemian glass.  I am in awe of the way they etch,  facet, refire and polish glass the way that they do.  And their beads are no different.  The same passion and skills are used in their beautiful glass bead making tradition.   It was a natural progression to go from selling beads to using them!  I found myself making glass beaded jewellery and when I started to sell more jewellery than my supplies I thought more about jewellery design.   Along with a passion for glass I also adore mosaic.  It is the perfect medium to express colour and shape and it suits my obsession with all things tiny. Discovering and being a part of the contemporary mosaic world is my journey for now. Colour has always been hugely important to me and my beaded jewellery was always full of it.  So in an effort to continue my jewellery making and take it to another level I started to combine mosaic with glass beads –  bringing ceramics and glass together.  I have done various mosaic courses and have just now started to use ceramic tiles in jewellery.  The challenge with mosaic jewellery will always be sourcing many tiny items.  Words like micro and nano prefix every google search!  This is still an ongoing daily pursuit.

My jewellery is vibrant, positive and colour driven.  But not loud or garish or overwhelming to wear.  I can pack a lot of colour into the tiniest of bezels to bring you an eye catching design.  The nicest sentiment ever expressed about my jewellery was when a customer told me she couldn’t stop staring into her heart pendant!  The heart pendants are made with tiny millefiori glass flowers and covered with a coat of resin creating a window or ‘looking glass’ effect. It is true,  I too can be found constantly peering into mine!  They are beautiful.  The little glass flowers are beautiful and very special.

millefiori jewellery

A selection of millefiori jewellery by Addiebeads

The ceramic pendant is the complete opposite in that they are tactile and rustic!  You can feel the surface of each tiny tile and instead of catching yourself looking at it you will find yourself touching it…. constantly.

ceramic pendants

mosaic collection

I have many previous lives ranging from a  Legal Assistant (way back in the day) to a Montessori teacher to a Retail Manager.  My last ‘paid’ job was managing one of the beautiful Avoca stores.  On reflection, my Montessori school was definitely more an arts and crafts school and my retail role was definitely a creative one.

 I am at my happiest when I am working on my jewellery, or daydreaming about colours and twinkling glass and all the possibilities of how I can use that glass and other tiny objects to create wearable mosaic.

“Addiebeads – creating mini mosaics of colour for you to wear”



Addiebeads – creating mini mosaics of colour for you to wear

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